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Effectiveness rating
In order to come up with a unified validator effectiveness score, we combine proposer and attester effectiveness in a weighted average. We attribute the following weights to each, guided by the longer term expectation of rewards distribution between the two duties:
  • Proposer effectiveness: 1/8
  • Attester effectiveness: 7/8
Attributions of proposer slots are much rarer than attestation duties, but bear a significantly higher reward if performed correctly. On average, over a long time period, a validator’s ETH rewards will be split between proposer and attester rewards at a ratio of 1:7. We have selected the respective probability weights to reflect that distribution.

Validator effectiveness calculation

V.eff: 1/8 * proposer eff + 7/8 * attester eff

Pre- and post- Altair rewards distribution

Due to a bug in the implementation of Phase 0, the ratio of proposer-to-attester rewards ended up being 1:31 instead of 1:7. This has been corrected in the latest upgrade (Altair). Rated v0 is maintaining the original spec in computing validator effectiveness.
We welcome the community's feedback on whether or not the master ratio in computing validator effectiveness should be adjusted pre-Altair.
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Validator effectiveness calculation
Pre- and post- Altair rewards distribution