This page provides context around the state of the RatedAPI, as well as prompts to useful resources regarding the RatedAPI.

You can access our API's Swagger documentation via


The RatedAPI has been live since May 2022, and is currently adopted for rewards tracking, performance monitoring and benchmarking, as well as a source of truth, by the likes of Lido, Kiln, SSV Network, Obol, Nexus Mutual and an additional 30+ regular users. We are working through some really exciting integrations that we will be announcing in Q1 2023.

In order to make it maximum flexible and frictionless for downstream adopters to integrate with, and maximise the surface for learning, we made the conscious decision to allow the permission-less use of our API.

This design decision has had direct influence in the current structure of the schema, keeping it purposefully expansive—a property that is subject to change.

How to's & RatedAPI schema

We are currently in the process of upgrading and enhancing the RatedAPI (read more below). In this interim state, you can refer to for an overview of how the API works and the available fields.

The API is functional on both Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli/Prater under the same schema. All you need to do to access each, is specify X-Rated-Network in the query structure.

Upcoming changes

There are few important changes to the current state of things that we are planning to introduce by late Jan 2023. These are:

  1. Splitting up the current structure API into thematically focused endpoints; Rewards API, Performance API, Metadata API and Network API. You can sort the table below by API stream to get a glimpse of which variables will live under which API.

  2. Introducing a more flexible query structure, where the user gets to both specify epoch boundaries for aggregations, but also to query per epoch data.

  3. Introducing authentication and metering. Get in touch to learn more about the pricing structure we are working with.

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