Index Coop dsETH

This page hosts definitions on the different parameters that make up the Index Coop dsETH page.

You can learn more about the Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH) product from Index Coop, and the related methodologies 👉 here.

Network Penetration

The percentage of the total validators indices in the network that are under the specified pool.

Node Operator Factor

The level of support each pool has based on the number of node operators in its network. It is the share of the total square roots of node operators per pool.

HHI Factor

The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index measures the concentration of each participant in a certain market or industry. In the case of this index, it measures the distribution of validators across a pool's node operators.

Allocation Weight

The percentage allocation of each pool's representative token in the index.

Client Diversity

The percentage distribution of consensus clients said pool is running accross the body of validator indices that it operates.

Net Backward Looking APR

The backward looking annual percentage return that each pool yields, net of their respective fees.

Effectiveness Rating

The measure of validator performance. For more information on how this is computed and the methodology behind it, please refer to the RAVER methodology page.

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