Execution layer statistics

Definitions on variables that appear on the "Execution layer statistics" table of the Rated network operator explorer.

Priority Fees Earned

The sum of priority fees that said entity (i.e. grouping of validators) has earned through proposing blocks, over the time-frame in question. For a more in depth discussion of how priority fees (aka tips) are computed, please refer to ethereum.org.

Baseline MEV Collected

Rated's estimation of the lower bound MEV of said entity has collected through proposing blocks, over the time-frame in question. See Baseline MEV computation for a detailed discussion of the methodology Rated is using to surface baseline MEV.

Rewards Missed

The total value that said entity has forgone by failing to propose blocks in slots that its validators were awarded block proposal duties.


An identifier as to whether said entity is associated with validators that are procuring blocks via mev-boost, and therefore have mev-boost enabled.

Relays Supported

Identifiers in relation to which relays said entity has procured blocks from, and thereby is subscribed to.

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