Builder landscape

A series of metrics that compose a high level view of the builder market in post-Merge Ethereum.

Value of blocks built

The total ETH value of blocks created by builders in the time period toggled. This should be equal to the total value relayed field in the Relay Landscape page.

Active builders

The number of active builder entities involved in crafting mainnet blocks over the time period toggled. Learn more about how we put those entity views together in our docs.

Top 3 builders share

The humber of blocks built by the top 3 builder entities, divided by the total number of blocks built in the period toggled.

Most valuable block

The most valuable block built in the time period toggled.

Entity aggregations

We aggregate builder public keys according to commonalities observed in the extra-data field procured by MEV Relay Data APIs.

Market share

The number of blocks built by a single (aggregated) entity, over the total number of blocks built. We compute market share based on block count, and not by the sum of value of those blocks.\

Relay distribution

The distribution of which relays have those builder entities been sending their payloads to.

Avg transactions included

The distribution of which relays have those builder entities been sending their payloads to.

Exclusive order flow

A measure of exclusivity in the transaction space that makes up each individual builder entity’s block mass.

The way we compute this, is by first looking at the addresses in blocks involved in transactions that are only appearing in a one builders’ blocks == do not appear in any other builders’ blocks. We then map those to the number of transactions that they participated in, and produce a ratio such that:

Exclusive_order_flow == exclusive_txs / total_txs_packed_in_blocks

Please note: this is a rough and speculative approach that we would love to evolve together with the community. To propose ammends and improvements, please open an issue in our forum.

Median block value

The median ETH value stemming from the population of blocks produced by said block builder entity.

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