Relayer landscape

In this page we track the most important statistics relating to the operation of MEV Relays introduced with the advent of mev-boost in PoS Ethereum.

Total value relayed

The total value paid to validators in order to facilitate the production of blocks crafted by block builders. This is a combination of priority_fees and baseline_mev. This should be equal to the value of the sum of winning_bid observed accross relays.

Active relays

The number of active relays that facilitate block production in Ethereum Mainnet at present. You will find links to those relay endpoints below.
Flashbots: https://0xac6e77dfe25ecd6110b8e780608cce0da[email protected]
Blocknative: https://0x9000009807ed12c1f08bf4e81c6da3ba8[email protected]
Eden Network: https://0xb3ee7afcf27f1f1259ac1787876318c65[email protected]
Bloxroute max profit: https://0x8b5d2e73e2a3a55c6c87b8b6eb92e0149a125c852751db1422fa951e42a09b82c142c3ea98d0d9930b056a3[email protected]
Bloxroute ethical: https://0xad0a8bb54565c2211cee576363f3a3470[email protected]
Bloxroute regulated: https://0xb0b07cd0abef743db4260b0ed50619cf6[email protected]
Manifold: https://0x98650451ba02064f7b000f5768cf0cf4d[email protected]
relayoooor: https://0x84e78cb2ad883861c9eeeb7d1b22a8e02[email protected]
Agnostic: https://0xa7ab7a996c8584251c8f925da3170bdfd[email protected]
Ultra Sound Money: https://0xa1559ace749633b997cb3fdacffb890ae[email protected]

Value over vanilla blocks

The value surplus that blocks that were procured from MEV Relays exhibit, when compared to the locally built (vanilla) blocks. This is a comparison of aggregate average values, over the time-span of the toggled time period, and is derived from the execution layer rewards that these blocks pack for validators.

MEV facilitated

This is an estimation of the gross amount of MEV that the relays have facilitated over time. It is based on a sum of our Baseline MEV computation across the period in question.

mev-boost ✗ vs mev-boost ✔

An aggregate comparison between blocks that have been produced locally (mev-boost ✗) and blocks that have been procured from MEV relays (mev-boost ✔)

Sample size

The size of the sample of blocks in the RatedDB, that relate to the time period toggled.

Average transactions included

The number of transactions that either category of blocks packed in the respective time-period, on average.

Average execution rewards

The value of the execution layer rewards for validators that the average block in either category packed over the time period toggled. Learn more about how we go about computing those in Baseline MEV computation.

Average consensus rewards

The value of the cosensus layer rewards that the average block in either category packed over the time period toggled.

Average total rewards

The sum of execution and consensus layer rewards for either category of blocks.
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