Rated Documentation
Proposer effectiveness
A block proposer is a validator that is chosen to pack the attestation information together and commit the block to the chain. There is one proposer per slot and 32 per epoch. Given their work is critical, the reward that they earn for successfully proposing a block is disproportionate to any given attester’s reward in an epoch.
Being elected as a proposer has a much lower probability attached to it (32/active_validators), compared to a validator’s attestation duties (which is 100%).
Rated v0 does not penalise effectiveness for orphaned blocks. This type of outcome is not controlled by the validator operator. Update [Epoch: 96750]: Orphaned blocks are now treated as missed proposals. It is quite often the proposer's fault that a block has been orphaned (either the proposer node is out of sync and builds a block on top of an older block, or it produces the new block too late and the next proposer uses an earlier parent).

Proposer effectiveness calculation

P.eff: slots proposed / total proposer slots attributed
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